CMS Reporting and Tech Zones (required)!


Beginning this Fall (2019), completion of CMS entries are now required by USA Rugby to be within 48 hours of the match’s completion. Both teams must post the final results, rosters, and player substitution(s), as well as the virtual signing. [Posted 08/15/2019.]

Effective immediately, USA Rugby adopted the USA Rugby Technical Zone and Sideline Management policy this summer for implementation across all club competitions. The field set-up document is at…/USA-Rugby-Technical-Zone-and-…. [Posted May 11, 2019.]

More info on these and other items is at [Posted 08/31/2019.]

May 05

2019 MAC Champions

Congratulations to our MAC champions!

D1 Men – Rocky Gorge
D2 Men – Doylestown
D2 Women – Harrisburg
D3 Men – Northeast Philadelphia
D3 Women – South Jersey
D4 Men – Washington Renegades D4

May 01

Spring 2019 Playoff info

Club Men (D1, D2, D3, D4)

Club Women Info (D1, D2, D3)

MAC Championships on May 4 & 5 for Men D2, D3, D4 and Women D2, D3
Location: Pittsburgh Harlequins

Saturday, May 4:
1200 D3W (semi) Field 1
1200 D3W (semi) Field 2
1400 D2W (semi) Field 1
1400 D2W (semi) Field 2
1600 D2M (final) Field 1

Sunday, May 5:
1000 D3W (final) Field 1
1200 D2W (final) Field 1
1400 D4M (final) Field 1
1400 D3M (final) Field 2

Mar 27

Summer 2019 7s Qualifiers

The dates of our 7s qualifiers will be:

June 22, 2019
July 13, 2019
July 20, 2019

For clubs looking to host one of these qualifying events, please complete the bid form and return to the 7s committee by April 15:
Pat Boyle –
Darin Darden –
Brianna Kim –
Katie Chockley –

June 29, 2019 will be the USAR National Open Qualifier. Location TBD.

Sep 24

USAR CMS and Policies

Two things:

  1. CMS entries are due by Monday night (or 48 hours after a match).
  2. When USAR policy is different than MAC policy, USAR policy stands. We are looking for items that are in conflict and are fixing them as we catch them.
May 08

2018 MAC Champions

Congratulations to our MAC champions!

D1 Men – Norfolk Blues
D1 Women – Raleigh
D2 Men – Doylestown
D2 Women – Harrisburg
D3 Men – Phoenixville
D3 Women – NE Philly Irish
D4 Men – Washington Renegades