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National Competitive Region 4 (NCR4) of USA Rugby began play in the Fall of 2013. Regionally, this consists of the same teams that were formally in Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union competition. As of 09/01/2013, MARFU and its component Local Area Unions (Virginia, Potomac, and Eastern Penn) split and recombined into the Capital and the East Penn Geographic Unions (GUs); the two GUs are the joint participants in NCR4.

NCR4 has the common designation of the Mid-Atlantic Conference or MAC, which will cover all divisions of play.

The Mid Atlantic Competitions Committee for the 2015/2016 competition cycle is composed of the following members, who were elected by their respective GUs (note: for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, the Chairperson was appointed by USAR; in 2015/2016, the Chairperson will be elected by the committee; the referee’s rep is determined by the RSV, PSRFR, and the EPRRS):

MAC Rugby Competitions Chairperson – Kathryn Hemlock
Past MAC Rugby Competitions Chairperson – Margy Thomas

GU Presidents:*
CGU – Matt Robinette
EPRU – Frank Lentz

Men’s 15s:
Capital: David Chapman, Anthony Frederick, George Durocher
EPRU:  Bryan Dewease, Ray Fritz, Dominick DiSabatino

Women’s 15s:
Capital: Meredith McAlister, Karen Espinoza
EPRU: Erin Strelec,  Jean Solecki

Capital: Darin Darden (M), Bri Kim (W)
EPRU: Patrick Boyle (M), Katie Chockley (W)

Referee Rep* – Simon Smith

*non-voting member

Contact information for Clubs: List of clubs by division, giving President, Match Secretary and Coach contacts.