May 08

2018 MAC Champions

Congratulations to our MAC champions!

D1 Men – Norfolk Blues
D1 Women – Raleigh
D2 Men – Doylestown
D2 Women – Harrisburg
D3 Men – Phoenixville
D3 Women – NE Philly Irish
D4 Men – Washington Renegades

Apr 15

2018 7s Qualifiers

Wilmington June 16
Baltimore June 23
Richmond July 7 (men only)
Schuylkill River July 14

Note that the July 7 is a men’s only qualifier as it is the same weekend as Cape Fear.

Dec 09

New Chairperson Elected!

Mid Atlantic Conference Ruggers,

It has been an honor and quite an experience to lead the Mid-Atlantic Conference Competitions Committee. As I step forward in leading the National Competitions Committee, I am happy to announce that Kathryn Hemlock has been elected by the current Committee to serve in the MAC Chairperson role going forward. We are planning the transition between the two of us, and my last order of official business will be overseeing the process of our 2018 playoff location. For all other matters going forward, you are encouraged to work through your coordinator, as always. I know that I leave you in good hands with her and the group that continues to serve Club Rugby in the Mid Atlantic.

Margy Dessypris Thomas

Sep 08

Ruck and one player

From Richard Every at USAR (9/8/17, 1135; this is an excerpt since we’ve all seen the video and know the new law):

If a player has to step with one leg over the ball, they would be a prone target to be cleared out.

AT THIS TIME, in the USA, WE WILL DO THE FOLLOWING, until further clarification:

If, at a tackle, a player on their feet positions themselves over the ball, a ruck is formed. That means, your body has to be over the ball. It should be in a controlled manner, and both legs can still be on your side of the ball and they may grasp their player that is on the ground. Try not to over-complicate it.

If that player then decides to play the ball, they have to step back so they are no longer over the ball, then play the ball coming through the gate.

If, after they have formed the ruck, they pick up the ball in that ruck-forming position, it is a PK against them for hands in.

Sep 01

2017-2018 CIPP Compliance

The list of MAC clubs are noted here as having attained CIPP compliance, In progress, or noted as not yet registered. This list was updated on 9/6.  Next set of updates to be made on 9/8.

  1. You must have 15 players, a level 200 coach, and have paid for club-level registration.
  2. If you meet these requirements, there may be a background screening or batch processing that will update the database by the next day.
  3. If your club is listed as Not Yet Registered, it means a record of your club does not yet appear in the public roster for the 2017-2018 year.

You must be CIPP compliant, or you will forfeit your first match and you will not be able to use CMS properly.


Jul 23

MAC 7s Champions

Congratulations to the Mid Atlantic Conference 7s champions who will continue to the National Sevens Championships on August 12 in Blaine MN. Information is here:

Information Packets are due:

Men – Beltway Elite and Schuylkill River (MAC has the 9th and 14th seeds overall)

Women – Scion, NOVA, and Philadelphia. (MAC has the 1st, 6th, and 8th seeds overall)

Best of luck to all of our MAC clubs.


Jun 27

Fall Schedules 2017-2018

The following final schedules for each division:

D1 Men, including D1B

D2 Men North

D2 Men South

D3 Men North

D3 Men Central

D3 Men South

D4 Men

Women – D1, D2, D3

Note: Clubs are allowed to make modifications to their schedules but must coordinate with the other teams and inform their coordinator of any changes. These schedules will be loaded into CMS in August before season KO. It is up to YOU! to ensure that your coordinator posts any changes made by your club.