CIPP Compliance Policy

CIPP Compliance Policy    

For the Fifteens Competition Season, any club that does not have 15 active players CIPP’d on the club roster for scheduled league matches or does not have a coach listed, in compliance with USA Eligibility Rules, will forfeit the match.

Any team found to have played an un-CIPP’d individual in a match will forfeit that match. Teams are encouraged to request identification of any players before or after a match. Teams or referees can report a player and team for investigation to the Competitions Committee. Individuals must identify themselves when filing a complaint and their team association. A $100 bond will be charged – payable to the the complainant’s GU and sent to their GU Treasurer – when filing the complaint. If the filing team’s protest is upheld, the bond will be returned. If the filing team’s protest is overturned, the bond will be retained; the bond will be donated to charity.

All players, administrators, coaches are expected to be aware and comply with USA Eligibility Rules. All teams are expected to retain a copy of all CIPP waivers signed by all active participants.

For rules on clubs fielding multiple sides, additional requirements are called out in the USA Eligibility Rules. USAR has prepared this document to help guide you with how to field and document your players.  

Updated: 8/20/15