Roster and Match Reporting

Please follow these procedures when using the USA Rugby Roster and Match Reporting Guidelines:

The day before the match:

Each team should enter the roster the Friday night before the match directly into the USA system, to the best of your knowledge. Since there can be last minute changes to the roster the morning of the match, each team will have the responsibility of updating and confirming the rosters.

Just before the match:

Each team should share a printed version of the roster, either using a print out / from the USA system or a hand written or hand-corrected version using the game day forms provided by USA. Please use the Match Roster Form.

During the match:

An assigned observer for each team will record the activity of the game, including the minutes (approximate) when any points are awarded, any red or yellow cards, and substitutions. Please use the Running Score Form and the Player Movement Form.

Directly after the match:

Compare the notes for the recorded match events with the other team and make sure both teams agree on scores, all (home & visitor) players that scored, red or yellow cards, and substitutions. Do the match times have to be the same? No, but as long as they are close enough and in the right order, that’s sufficient. Secure a copy of each team’s roster and notes before leaving the pitch. Either transcribe a copy of the match events and roster, or use your smart phone cameras to capture a photo.

Not later than 24 hours after the match:

The home team is required to enter the match score and event report into the USA system, and then should email the visiting team within 24 hours of the match. The visiting team should verify the results within 24 hours of the match taking place.

If, within 24 hours, a home team has not entered the match score and event report, the visiting team is allowed to file the report and follow the similar procedures as if they were the home team.

Any issues and discrepancies should be escalated to a MAC Competitions committee for resolution if the teams can not confirm results in an agreeable manner.

Please reference the CMS Compliance Policy.