MAC Women’s Clubs

The following clubs are recognized in the following divisions for the 2017-2018 Fifteens competitive years.

Contact information for all clubs is available here. Clubs are responsible for maintaining the appropriate contact information with their division coordinator.

D1 – Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NOVA A, Raleigh (Coordinator: Meredith McAlister)
6 league matches, home and away.
Playoffs will be 1v4, 2v3 final four format.
This gives a total of 8 league matches. With crossover matches, 11 total matches.

We know these our top solid D1 teams. They have all earned National titles at a D1 or D2 level. Gold Cup possibilities will add extra matches.

D2 – Brandywine, Doylestown, Phoenixville Whitehorse, Harrisburg, Severn River, Furies B, James River, Norfolk Storm, Chesapeake (Coordinator: Erin Strelec)
8 league matches, everyone plays everyone once. (Home and away will rotate with each competition year.)
Playoffs will be 1v4, 2v3 final four format.

Division 3 North – York/Lancaster, NE Philly Irish, Lehigh Valley, South Jersey, Happy Valley (if approved) (Coordinator: Jean Solecki)
Division 3 South – NOVA B, Frederick, MD Stingers, Rappahannock, Pax River (Coordinator: Kathryn Hemlock)
8 league matches, home and away.
Playoffs will be  N1 v S2, N2 v S1 final four format.

Promotion / Relegation

P/R will be evaluated on a two-year cycle: A team must be in the top position two years in a row to be considered for promotion from D3 to D2 and from D2 to D1. D2 clubs must also win at least one National Title before being promoted to D1.

D1 can grow up to 6 teams before being relegated. D2 can grow up to 9 teams before being relegated. A team may or may not be relegated based on performance after two years.

If there is ever a tie-breaker of a club wanting to move up and another club not wanting to move down, a challenge match should be arranged. Once D1 and D2 grow to 6 and 9 teams, promotion/relegation may be updated to happen in an automatic fashion.