MAC Women’s Clubs

The following clubs are recognized in the following divisions for the 2016-2017 Fifteens competitive years.

Contact information for all clubs is available here. Clubs are responsible for maintaining the appropriate contact information with their division coordinator.

Women’s schedules are available. This document is currently in progress and not considered final. This includes a master schedule with crossover matches and Gold Cup matches.

D1 – Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NOVA A, Raleigh
6 league matches, home and away.
Playoffs will be 1v4, 2v3 final four format.
This gives a total of 8 league matches. With crossover matches, 11 total matches.

We know these our top solid D1 teams. They have all earned National titles at a D1 or D2 level. Gold Cup possibilities will add extra matches, which may require us to revisit the crossover matches.

D2 – Brandywine, Doylestown, Phoenixville Whitehorse, Harrisburg, Severn River, Furies B, James River, Norfolk Storm
7 league matches, everyone plays everyone once. (Home and away will rotate with each competition year.)
Playoffs will be 1v4, 2v3 final four format.
This gives a total of 9 league matches, with crossover matches, 11 total matches.

These clubs represent a consistent competitive nature. Point differentials were a key factor in deciding which teams dropped from D1 (or had asked to move down) as well as those who were kept in D2. The top four teams will remain in D2.
Exception: Furies B did not meet these standards, they were 7th of 9 in the league. WPL is requesting that in order to account for some recruiting and eligibility policy differences, Furies will be given one year within D2. If they finish last, they will be relegated to D3 the following year.

Division 3 North – York/Lancaster, NE Philly Irish, Lehigh Valley, South Jersey, Happy Valley (if approved)
Division 3 South – NOVA B, Chesapeake, Frederick, MD Stingers, Rappahannock, Pax River
8/10 league matches, home and away.
TBD: Playoffs will be N1 v S1 single match format, OR N1 v S2, N2 v S1 final four format.

Updated – Playoffs will be a N1 v S1 single match format.

D3 teams are a generally referred to as the social and less competitive division. Focus should be on recruitment and player development. Thorns, Chesapeake, Fredrick and Stingers all had negative point differentials in D2. Geography was a huge consideration to take into account. Clubs in D3 can focus on their growth and strength by playing an easy travel schedule against the newer clubs. This also alleviates a travel burden with fewer teams in the league. If they would like to take part in crossover matches, they can do so, but waivers must be requested before the season begins.

Crossover matches
Each D2 Team…..Will play each D1 or D3 Team once:
Brandywine…. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
Doylestown…. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
Furies B…. NOVA B, Chesapeake
Harrisburg…. Pittsburgh, Philadelphia
James River…. NOVA A, Raleigh
Norfolk Storm…. NOVA A, Raleigh
Phoenixville…. York/Lancaster, NE Philly Irish
Severn River…. NOVA A, Raleigh
Cross over matches are required but will not count towards league standings. They will be tracked in CMS to show match minimums.

Promotion / Relegation

P/R will be evaluated on a two-year cycle: A team must be in the top position two years in a row to be considered for promotion from D3 to D2 and from D2 to D1. D2 clubs must also win at least one National Title before being promoted to D1.

D1 can grow up to 6 teams before being relegated. D2 can grow up to 10 teams before being relegated. A team may or may not be relegated based on performance after two years.
2016-2017 Exception: Furies B. (see above)

If there is ever a tie-breaker of a club wanting to move up and another club not wanting to move down, a challenge match should be arranged. Once D1 and D2 grow to 6 and 10 teams, promotion/relegation may be updated to happen in an automatic fashion.


The D2 division will be ranked by seeding based on prior year’s league standings. The top D2 teams will crossover with D1, the top D3 teams will crossover with the bottom D2 teams. The bottom of D3 is exempt from crossover matches. As team movements take place, the number of crossover matches will be adjusted to account for balance in the schedules and travel considerations.