Congratulations MAC Champions!

Congratulations to the MAC teams who are advancing the USA semifinals weekend in Pittsburgh on 5/17/14:
D1 Men: Schuylkill River
D2 Men: Rocky Gorge
D3 Men: Washington Renegades
D1 Women: NOVA
D2 Women: Severn River
Each of these teams will be playing the MidWest seed on 5/17/14.  The winner of the match will play the winner of the South v Northeast match on 5/18/14. The semi-final winner will advance to the USA Championship Weekend on May 30th for a final match against the ACR Champion.
Philadelphia Women (D1 #2) will meet the MidWest #2 Chicago in a repechage match.
Best of luck to all these teams in post-season play! 
All final match results from the MAC 2014 Playoff weekend for the men and women have been posted.
Congratulations to the D4 MAC Champions Blue Ridge.
Important MAC Dates:
1) The call for promotion/relegation is to be completed by 5/3/14.
2) Declarations for division assignment for teams are due by 5/10 with final divisions for the 2014/2015 year to be posted by 5/17/2014. Please contact your coordinator to make sure they know your desire to stay or move in a division.