April Fool’s CIPP deadlines!!!

Today is the deadline for any new CIPP registrations and transfer requests to be approved.

If you are on the CIPP list, but not showing up on a CMS roster, don’t forget to resync the players to pull in any new players.
There are a number of transfer requests where i have been sent the USARugby letters showing that a transfer has been approved but the player has not yet appeared on the CIPP roster. I’ve asked USA Rugby for information about the delay and to know when these will electronically process. Consider it an April Fools joke on behalf of USA Rugby.
In the meantime, for those of you preparing your rosters, keep the spaceholder open, and we’ll have it updated by week’s end. Do go ahead and provide as of much a roster as you can for your Saturday matches.
For those of you asking about overall eligibility:
1 – Players must be CIPP’d to play any rugby.
2 – Players must be CIPP’d by April 1 to be eligible for competitive matches including upcoming MAC championship matches.
3 – Minimum matches for eligibility is not something we look at for the MAC championships. The MAC championships will count towards a player’s number of matches, when we determine the rosters for the National Playoffs on May 21.
If you are having issues with players not showing up in the CiPP system (NOT CMS, you must check your CIPP public roster first), please send me the players name, number and any transfer request documentation not later than 1pm today.