COVID-19 Statement UPDATE (03/20/2020)

UPDATE (03/20/2020)

From USAR, “All sanctioned competition and rugby activities are suspended for the foreseeable future, effective March 20, 2020. Members and clubs are asked to refrain from match play, training or team gatherings during this period. Accident and Liability insurance will not be valid during the above window of time. Information on when rugby activities will be able to resume will be communicated by USA Rugby.”

UPDATE (03/13/2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be suspending all MAC matches for the next few weeks. On Monday, April 13, we will provide an update on the status of match play.

We do not know what this means yet for our conference games, the MAC playoffs, or the National Championships. This depends on local, regional, and national issues.

If you have matches scheduled for the next few weeks, please let your referees know.

Original (03/11/2020).

MAC and Capital had its first query on Tuesday regarding COVID-19 and whether there were currently any plans to alter the Spring rugby season. As most of you know, games have been played throughout the country in the last few weeks (including the west coast, Savannah, Frontier region, etc.).

For the near future, games will go on until state and/or local government authorities declare a shutdown of facilities or movement.

We have not received anything substantive from the USAR National Office on this issue, although the National Competitions Committee is considering a procedure. However, any policy is likely to be regionally based.

Players should not put others at risk (clearly) if they are ill, and clubs should recognize any issues they have.

Keep in mind that makeup games may or may not be possible for some brackets due to the crowded schedule. There is no information if the National Championships will be changed to allow for changes in the schedules. If there are MAC match cancellations, Easter Weekend (Saturday) will need to be in play for makeups, if necessary. If a match is canceled, we will likely record them as 0-0 cancellations until things are sorted out. Finally, the May 2nd MAC Championship event is still too far out to speculate on its status.