2021-2022 Match Score and Roster Submissions

Due to issues with USA Rugby’s competitions management system (CMS) and Sportlomo, we must collect scores gameday rosters in a different fashion than in the past. Here is the process:

  1. Download the MAC Roster form (Excel XLSX format).
  2. Complete the roster by gameday and make it available to the opposing side if asked. ALL players must be registered prior to kickoff; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. No later than Monday night (11:59 PM), submit the match score and the roster via the following site: MAC Score Submission System.
    1. The roster must be submitted in the XLSX format.
    1. Both teams must report the scores for confirmation of the results. This takes the place of the old signature in CMS and confirms agreement on the match score.
    2. If there is any question about the score, ask the referee after the match. You will need number of trys, conversions, PKs, and DGs; the form will calculate the score, bonus points, and point differential.

Non-compliance with any of the above may lead to forfeits or other negative actions.

For info: