2022 Atlantic Super Regional

The Senior Club Council, club rugby’s voice to USA Rugby, has enacted several changes to the pathways teams navigate to become eligible for the USA Rugby Club 15s National Championship. The seeds for clubs competing in Women’s Divisions 1 and 2 and Men’s Divisions 1, 2, and 3 in the New England RFU, Empire GU, East Penn RFU, and Capital GU will be determined at the Atlantic Super Regional Rugby Festival. The top seeds in Women’s Division 3 and Men’s Division 4 will compete for the Atlantic Region Championship. Leadership from each Union collaborated on this effort and agreed on the following details of the event:

Host Union and dates:

  • 2022 – Empire GU: 4/30-5/1/22 (Easter 4/17)
  • 2023 – Capital GU: 4/29-30/23 (Easter 4/9)
  • 2024 – East Penn: 4/28-29/24 (Easter 3/30)
  • 2025 – New England: 4/26-27/25 (Easter 4/20)


Men’s and Women’s Division 1:
Men: MAC vs. ARP
Women: #1 vs. #4 – #2 vs. #3

Men’s and Women’s Division 2 and Division 3:
NERFU #1 vs. East Penn #1
Empire #1 vs. Capital #1

Men’s Division 4:
NERFU/Empire Champion vs. MAC Champion

The Unions are committed to delivering a professionally produced event with special consideration to player welfare, athletes’ and coaches’ work schedules, and expense to athletes and coaches. Union leadership will adjust if/when the Club Council changes pathways to a National Championship. As always, Union leadership is open to feedback and comments. Please share any feedback with your Union president.