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National Competitive Region 4 (NCR4) of USA Rugby began play in the Fall of 2013. Regionally, this consists of the same teams that were formally in Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union competition. As of 09/01/2013, MARFU and its component Local Area Unions (Virginia, Potomac, and Eastern Penn) split and recombined into the Capital and the East Penn Geographic Unions (GUs); the two GUs are the joint participants in NCR4.

NCR4 has the common designation of the Mid-Atlantic Conference or MAC, which will cover all divisions of play.

Contact information for Clubs: List of clubs by division, giving President, Match Secretary and Coach contacts.

The Mid Atlantic Competitions Committee for the competition cycle is composed of the following members, who were elected by their respective GUs (note: for 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, the Chairperson was appointed by USAR; in 2015/2016 and beyond, the Chairperson is elected by the committee; the referee’s rep is determined by the RSV, PSRFR, and the EPRRS).

MAC Competitions Chairperson – David Chapman
Past MAC Competitions Chairperson – Margy Dessypris Thomas

GU Presidents:*
CGU – Matt Robinette
EPRU – Dave Codell

Elected reps are listed based on their Geographic Union but may be responsible for cross-GU competitions (e.g., D1 Men, D2 Men).

Men’s 15s:
Capital: David Chapman (D1 backup, D2S backup, D3S backup), Alex Carlson (D3C and D3S), Nello De Luca (D1)
EPRU:  Ray Fritz (D4), Dominick DiSabatino (D3N), Mike McCandless (D2)

Women’s 15s:
Capital: Margy Dessypris Thomas (D1), Sarah Miura (D2S); Alexa Hopkins (D3S)
EPRU: Mel Lawrenson (D2N), Kirby Gordon (D3N)

Capital: Darin Darden, Will Knipscher
EPRU: Patrick Boyle, Katie Chockley

Referee Rep* – Mike O’Brien

*non-voting member