Accurate Match Reporting

Match reporting must be accurate by the time a club signs a match report within the CMS system. This includes the final score. Additionally, accuracy of the match report must be in terms of the rostered players having played the match and stepped on the field, such that all participating players are listed and no players are listed who did not participate. You can be rostered, but not have a substitution recorded. That may be a concern for player eligibility later if not recorded correctly. 

Players are not required to wear a jersey that matches their position, although it is highly encouraged. Corrections can be made to a roster before the match is signed and locked. Any issues with the players listed should be discussed between teams before the clubs sign the match and the coordinator locks the match.

If a club is found to have inaccurately reported the roster within CMS with players that did not play, the match will be forfeited by the offending team. A secondary offense will have the club banned from the MAC competition for a period of one year.

Effective: 10/31/2017