2021-2022 Match Score and Roster Submissions

Due to issues with USA Rugby’s competitions management system (CMS) and Sportlomo, we must collect scores gameday rosters in a different fashion than in the past. Here is the process:

  1. Download the MAC Roster form (Excel XLSX format).
  2. Complete the roster by gameday and make it available to the opposing side if asked. ALL players must be registered prior to kickoff; NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. No later than Monday night (11:59 PM), submit the match score and the roster via the following site: MAC Score Submission System.
    1. The roster must be submitted in the XLSX format.
    1. Both teams must report the scores for confirmation of the results. This takes the place of the old signature in CMS and confirms agreement on the match score.
    2. If there is any question about the score, ask the referee after the match. You will need number of trys, conversions, PKs, and DGs; the form will calculate the score, bonus points, and point differential.

Non-compliance with any of the above may lead to forfeits or other negative actions.

For info:

CMS and Check-in details for MAC Championship events

MAC Playoff Teams: Congrats! You’ve made it this far. Read on for important details for the next couple of weekends:

1) CMS has been loaded with the matches for Saturday April 29th. (Men’s and Women’s) For matches that take place on Sunday April 30th, there will be updates based on Saturday’s results – specifically for the women’s events. CMS matches for playoffs will be locked on Mondays. Rosters for Sunday will need to be loaded by 10am on Sunday morning.

2) For the Women’s MAC Championships this coming weekend and for the Men’s Championship next weekend:
All players must bring an ID, driver’s license and/or Passports to verify identification as part of the check-in procedures. NO ID, NO RUGBY.
3) All teams are required to go through ID Check for the MAC Championships. Check-in will take place from 9:30 to 12:30 pm on Saturday and on an as needed basis beyond that time, in between matches. (If you need time outside of this window you must give me advance notice.)  This is applicable to both the Women’s and Men’s events as all KO times on Saturday are 11, 1, and 3 pm.

Teams are encouraged to check-in before warming up. Please plan on about 20-30 minutes for everyone to grab their ID and to meet me for check-in. I will have CIPP rosters with me, reviewed for eligibility on each player. Each club needs to prepare their rosters in CMS and bring a copy to turn in as part of Check-in.
  • Any player that is CIPP’d after April 1 is not eligible.
  • For clubs that have multiple sides – Any player that has met the 50% criteria of playing with the higher side/division will not be eligible to play in the lower division.
  • Any player that is not able to show proof of identification is not eligible to play.
  • Consider this practice, should you advance to the May 20/21st Competitive Region playoffs.I understand the check-in procedures are similar.
Please make sure you understand who is eligible and who is not. I hate having to tell someone they can’t play and for that to be a surprise. It sucks even more for your player who thinks they are going to play to find out they won’t.
If you have questions on this, let me know in advance. You can verify eligibility through CIPP and CMS together.

Rosters, Eligibility, Score Reporting, and Check-In for MAC Championship weekend:

Rosters need to be submitted to the MAC Chair for each match. Each game counts individually towards USA’s eligibility for playoffs, so we aren’t treating this as a weekend, with a roster of 28. Each match can have 23 players.  Use this Roster Form. Teams will need to track of the players that played in each match to attain eligibility towards USA National playoffs.

Eligibility for each player is based CIPP before the March 15th date with their club. All transfers should be complete at this point. If a player did transfer from another club, and a waiver is required, it should already be submitted to USA. So if they aren’t already on the team’s roster by the 3/15 date, they are not eligible to play. The waiver will be needed should a team continues to May 16th national playoffs.

We don’t have these matches posted online via the CMS system. Scores will be collected from the referees and posted online to macrugby.org.

Margy Thomas will be there in person at 10am on Saturday to start Roster ID checks for the first teams playing and sign Roster forms. The teams that advance will need to save the signed roster form for future reference.

CIPP for Fall 2013

USA Rugby CIPP registration for the Fall Season (that is, the 2013-2014 cycle) will be open around August 15.

You can currently request a certificate of insurance (COI) from USA Rugby for Fall 2013; however, they will be unable to issue the COI until registration opens and the clubs involved are in compliance. (The current COI is valid until 8.31.2013.)

Additionally, eligible players for competitions, must be CIPP registered not later than March 15th 2014 for the 2013/2014 competitive cycle.  For more information on eligibility rules, visit USA Rugby. You must be CIPP registered in order to play any rugby at all.