2021-2022 Match Score and Roster Submissions

***** UPDATE – 09/28/2021 *****

Effective immediately (09/28/2021), we are back on CMS.
See the sidebar for the match reporting link to CMS.

  • Each coordinator will be sending clubs their IDs and PWs.
  • If you haven’t used CMS before, ask a senior club member or ask for assistance. However, it’s an easy system so try it.
  • After entries are finished (roster and scoring breakdowns), you must “sign” your part of the form to acknowledge agreement with final score, etc.
  • Rosters will be fed from Sportlomo. Those must be included with the submissions. if you haven’t used CMS before, you enter that in the system and not into a separate spreadsheet.

ALL scores submitted by noon on Tuesday 09/28/2021 are in the system. The standings are updated in real time within CMS. If you did not submit your previous scores (due every Monday night), you must do so in CMS. The Jotform system has been shut down for CMS.

Non-compliance with any of the above may lead to forfeits or other negative actions.

Bid form for 2020 15s Championships

Attached (via Google Doc link) is the Bid Application to host Mid-Atlantic Conference (MAC) 15’s Championship the weekend of May 2, 2020. The Mid Atlantic Conference Championship Event determines the teams which advance along the National Championship pathway for the Men’s D1, D2, D3, D4, and Women’s D2 and D3. The event involves 8 men’s clubs with 4 matches and 4 women’s teams with 2 matches. The event is a single day event requiring 2 fields and a warm-up area.

Bids for all Mid Atlantic Conference MAC Fifteens playoff events must be emailed by November 30 in a PDF format to the Chairperson of the MAC Committee (greekdaisy@gmail.com).

Effective 2014, MAC playoff and championship events are sponsored and funded by two Geographical Unions, the Capital Geographic Union (CGU) and the Eastern Pennsylvania Rugby Union (EPRU) according to an alternating schedule. The Host applicant will be reimbursed by the appropriate Geographical Union.

The bidding is limited to EPRU teams until November 30 since 2020 is an even year. However, if no acceptable bids are provided, bidding will re-open to both Capital and EPRU.

CMS and Check-in details for MAC Championship events

MAC Playoff Teams: Congrats! You’ve made it this far. Read on for important details for the next couple of weekends:

1) CMS has been loaded with the matches for Saturday April 29th. (Men’s and Women’s) For matches that take place on Sunday April 30th, there will be updates based on Saturday’s results – specifically for the women’s events. CMS matches for playoffs will be locked on Mondays. Rosters for Sunday will need to be loaded by 10am on Sunday morning.

2) For the Women’s MAC Championships this coming weekend and for the Men’s Championship next weekend:
All players must bring an ID, driver’s license and/or Passports to verify identification as part of the check-in procedures. NO ID, NO RUGBY.
3) All teams are required to go through ID Check for the MAC Championships. Check-in will take place from 9:30 to 12:30 pm on Saturday and on an as needed basis beyond that time, in between matches. (If you need time outside of this window you must give me advance notice.)  This is applicable to both the Women’s and Men’s events as all KO times on Saturday are 11, 1, and 3 pm.

Teams are encouraged to check-in before warming up. Please plan on about 20-30 minutes for everyone to grab their ID and to meet me for check-in. I will have CIPP rosters with me, reviewed for eligibility on each player. Each club needs to prepare their rosters in CMS and bring a copy to turn in as part of Check-in.
  • Any player that is CIPP’d after April 1 is not eligible.
  • For clubs that have multiple sides – Any player that has met the 50% criteria of playing with the higher side/division will not be eligible to play in the lower division.
  • Any player that is not able to show proof of identification is not eligible to play.
  • Consider this practice, should you advance to the May 20/21st Competitive Region playoffs.I understand the check-in procedures are similar.
Please make sure you understand who is eligible and who is not. I hate having to tell someone they can’t play and for that to be a surprise. It sucks even more for your player who thinks they are going to play to find out they won’t.
If you have questions on this, let me know in advance. You can verify eligibility through CIPP and CMS together.

CMS and Roster timelines for MAC Championships

For the Women’s Event: 
  • May 7th matches have been created in CMS. Rosters must be loaded by 10pm on Friday.
  • Bryan Dewease, Match Commissioner, will  perform ID checks on May 7th, prior to KO for all teams.
  • Clubs are required to provide and submit a hard copy of their roster of up to 28 for the event weekend.
  • Saturday Score reports and Sunday May 8th matches will be loaded in CMS Saturday evening.
  • The Women’s clubs will have until Monday May 9th midnight to finalize all roster and match reports for the weekend. Matches will be locked the morning of Tuesday May 10th.


For the Men’s Events:
  • The Men’s matches on May 7th are encouraged to perform an ID check (each club checks their opponent) before the match takes place. See our CMS Compliance policy.
  • May 7th matches have been loaded. Rosters must be loaded not later than 10pm on Friday.
  • Men’s May 7th Match Reports are required to be complete by Sunday May 8th midnight. Matches will be locked the morning of Monday May 9th.
  • The Men’s D1/D2/D3/D4 May 14th matches will be created by Monday evening. Rosters must be loaded by  10pm on Friday May 13th.
  • Tony Frederick, Match Commissioner, will  perform ID checks on May 14th, prior to KO for all teams.
  • D3 Clubs are required to provide and submit a hard copy of their roster of up to 28 for the event weekend. (D1/D2/D4 are only allowed to roster 23 for the single match.)
  • Saturday Score reports and Sunday May 15th matches will be loaded in CMS Saturday evening.
  • D1/D2/D4 clubs will have until Sunday May 15th midnight to finalize all roster and match reports for the weekend. Matches will be locked the morning of Monday May 16th.
  • For D3: Sunday May 15th matches will be loaded in CMS Saturday evening.
  • The Men’s D3 clubs will have until Monday May 16th midnight to finalize all roster and match reports for the weekend. Matches will be locked the morning of Tuesday May 17th.
  • There is a possibility that we will require a D3 match to determine the 3rd place seed. This match, if necessary, will be played on May 15th at 1:30 pm. This will take place in the event that Rocky Gorge D3 and Schuylkill River D3 play for the Championship, and the consolation match will determine the 3rd seed who will advance to the National playoffs. If only one or neither of the two above mentioned teams plays on to the Championship match, there will not be a consolation match.
  • All clubs who advance to Nationals will likely have 24 hours to turn around the paperwork to be submitted for eligibility verification to USARugby.

2016 MAC Championship Information

MAC 2016 Playoffs and Championship Events    (THIS IS OUTDATED INFO)

Men’s D1 and D2: – Semifinals – At the higher seed – Top Four teams from final league standings
Men’s D3: Quarterfinals – At the higher seed
  1. D3-North #1   v  8. D3-South #3    (Game A)
  2. D3-Central #1 v  7. D3-North #3   (Game C)
  3. D3-South #1   v 6. D3-Central #2  (Game D)
  4. D3-North #2   v  5. D3-South #2   (Game B)
Men’s Championship May 14-15
Wilmington DE – Alpacas State Park  (Hosted by Wilmington RFC)
Field 1
Field 2
11:00 am
Men D3  A v B
Men’s D3   C v D
1:00 pm
Men’s D2 Championship
Men’s D4 Championship
(D4-Central v D4-North)
3:00 pm
Men’s D1 Championship
Men’s D3 Championship
Women’s Championship May 7-8 
Wilmington DE – Alpacas State Park (Hosted by Philadelphia WRFC)
Field 1
Field 2
11:00 am
Women’s D3
1 v 4
Women’s D3
2 v 3
1:00 pm
Women’s D2
1 v 4
Women’s D2
2 v 3
Women’s D1
N1 v S2
Women’s D1
S1 v N2
11:00 am
Women’s D3
Women’s D2
Women’s D1


Closing out the Fall Season

All matches that need to be rescheduled from the Fall, must have updates in CMS reflecting the newly agreed upon date by November 21st.

EPRU clubs are encouraged to submit bids for one or both championship dates by November 30th. Bid information is available here. The dates have been published.

There are two event weekends:

May 7-8 will be the Women’s MAC Championship weekend.

May 14-15 will be the Men’s MAC Championship weekend.

2016 Championship Information:

Men’s D3 seeding for 2016 is:

  1. D3-North #1
  2. D3-Central #1
  3. D3-South #1
  4. D3-North #2
  5. D3-South #2
  6. D3-Central #2
  7. D3-North #3
  8. D3-South #3

Seeding will be rotating from year to year.


2015-2016 XVs Planning Underway

The MAC Competitions Committee is beginning to plan the schedules for the 2015-2016 season.

The men’s clubs are listed here. This reflects the promotion/relegation for 2015 results, announcement of new clubs or teams, and restructuring for D2 and D3 divisions. Please review this list. If you have questions, direct them to your league coordinator.

The women’s clubs are listed here. Coordinators will be reaching out based on the new structure. The committee met and agreed that this is the strongest competition we can put forward. Questions can be directed to your league coordinator.

Our MAC schedule of dates has us planned to release 2015-2016 schedules by the end of June. We are currently waiting for USA Rugby to finalize National Championship dates for 2016 and that may hold us up in the planning process. We would like to avoid the large gap between MAC Championship and the National playoffs that we experienced in 2015.

2015 MAC Championship

Due to inclement weather, the MAC Championship Finals were moved to Seven Pines, 514 Whiteside Drive, Sandston, VA.

Men’s D2 – 12:30pm
Rocky Gorge 34, Wilmington 22

Men’s D1 – 2:00pm
Potomac Exiles 26, Norfolk Blues 18

Women’s D2 – 4:00pm
Severn River 26, Raleigh Venom 15

Men’s and Women’s D3 will be rescheduled.