MAC 7s Champions

Congratulations to the Mid Atlantic Conference 7s champions who will continue to the National Sevens Championships on August 12 in Blaine MN. Information is here:

Information Packets are due:

Men – Beltway Elite and Schuylkill River (MAC has the 9th and 14th seeds overall)

Women – Scion, NOVA, and Philadelphia. (MAC has the 1st, 6th, and 8th seeds overall)

Best of luck to all of our MAC clubs.


Fall Schedules 2017-2018

The following final schedules for each division:

D1 Men, including D1B

D2 Men North

D2 Men South

D3 Men North

D3 Men Central

D3 Men South

D4 Men

Women – D1, D2, D3

Note: Clubs are allowed to make modifications to their schedules but must coordinate with the other teams and inform their coordinator of any changes. These schedules will be loaded into CMS in August before season KO. It is up to YOU! to ensure that your coordinator posts any changes made by your club.

Congratulations to the MAC Champions!

Our past two playoff weekends yielded the following seeds to the National Competition. On May 20-21st, these teams will meet in Pittsburgh, PA to compete with the North Atlantic, Mid-West and South seeds.

Men’s D1 – Rocky Gorge

Women’s D1 – NOVA Women

Men’s D2 – Washington Irish

Women’s D2 – Harrisburg Women

Men’s D3 – Lehigh Valley

Women’s D3 – Chesapeake Women

There’s still continued discussion on the repechage match (on May 13th) for Women’s D1. Our #2 seed, Raleigh Venom might meet Detroit from the Mid-West for a chance to continue on to the CR playoffs. Raleigh already defeated Detroit 72-5 as part of the Gold Cup.

Now the planning for 2017-2018 begins. Discussions for division alignment, promotion relegation, and new club considerations have already been in process. Please make sure your coordinators have the most up to date information!

2017 Spring Season Information

Spring season is about to get underway this coming week. As you all prepare, here’s information about playoffs:

Men’s 2017 Playoff Information

Women’s 2017 Playoff Information

Event Information – Pitch/Hotel/Location Packet Info (To be updated closer to the event date)


1 – Everyone is to be CIPP’d. CIPP registration deadline is April 1 2017.

2 – All clubs are to update CMS with match reports not later than Tuesday after the match. Matches are locked on Wednesday. Do not forget to report player substitutions for players 16-23, or they will not receive credit towards eligibility.

3 – You are responsible for coordinating/communicating with your local referee society regarding match KO details. The referees do not use the CMS system. Each society has their own allocations system. Check it.

MAC 2017 Championship – Bids Awarded

On April 29-30 2017, Norfolk Storm will host the Women’s D1 D2, and D3 MAC semifinal and championship events at the Princess Anne Athletic Complex in Virginia Beach.

On May 6 2017, Richmond Lions will host the Men’s MAC D1, D2, and D3 championship event at Dorey Park in Richmond, VA.

D3 Playoff Information

In 2017, Each of the D3 divisions will have internal playoffs, hosted at the higher seed – This happens on April 1st and April 8th.

D3 South Semi Finals April 1st
Match 1: D3-South-East 1  v D3-South-West 2
Match 2: D3-South-West 1 v D3-South-East 2
D3 South Finals April 8th
Match 3: Winner Match A v Winner Match B – This match will determine seeding for the #3 and #5 spots.

D3 North and Central Semi Finals April 8th:
D3-North-North # 1 v D3-North-South #1 – this match will determine seeding for the #2 and #6 spots.
D3-North-North #2 v D3-North-South #2 – this match will determine who has the #8 spot.
D3-Central-North # 1 v D3-Central-South #1 – this match will determine seeding for the #1 and #4 spots.
D3-Central-North #2 v D3-Central-South #2 – this match will determine who has the #7 spot.

The Seeding for the D3 divisional playoffs is:
1 Central 1
2 North 1
3 South 1
4 Central 2
5 South 2
6 North 2
7 Central 3
8 North 3

Quarterfinal matches on April 22nd are:
Match A: Central 1 v North 3
Match B: North 1 v Central 3
Match C: South 1 v North 2
Match D: Central 2 v South 2

Semi Finals are on April 29th are:
Match E: Winner Match A v Winner Match B
Match F: Winner Match C v Winner Match D

Final is on May 6:
Winner Match E v Winner Match F

Congrats MAC Sevens Champions

Congratulations to this year’s MAC Sevens Champions:

Men’s open
1 Schuylkill River u23
2 Frederick

Women’s Premier
1 Scion

Men’s Premier
1 – Schuylkill River

Our Premier clubs will go on to Nationals, in Denver August 13th in Denver Colorado.