MAC 2017 Sevens Qualifiers Announced

The MAC Sevens Committee has worked with the following clubs to confirm these locations for the MAC 2017 7s Qualifiers:
June 24 – Northern Virginia
July 8 – Richmond Lions
July 15 – Wilmington
July 22 – Schuylkill River
Sevens information will be made available soon.. Updated MAC Regulations/Guidelines will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

2016 Sevens Qualifiers

The qualifiers for our MAC Sevens season will be:

  • 6/25 – Wilmington
  • 7/9 – NOVA
  • 7/16 – Rocky Gorge
  • 7/23 – Richmond
Thanks to all who submitted bids.
We will have updated 2016 Sevens guidelines published soon.
Reminder: The CIPP deadline for all players and transfers is July 1st.

Congratulations MAC 7s Champions

Congratulations to the Mid-Atlantic Conference Clubs who competed in the 2015 Sevens Season.

Men’s Premier:
1. U.S. Army Selects
2. Schuylkill River
4. Baltimore-Chesapeake
Men’s Open
1. NOVA 2
2.Tidewater Titans
3. Schuylkill River 2
4. Baltimore-Chesapeake 2
Women’s Open
1. Scions
3. Philadelphia
4. DC Furies

Congratulations to U.S. Army Selects, Schuykill River, Scions, NOVA, and Philadelphia as they continue on to the National Sevens Championships in Des Moines, Iowa on August 8.

Congratulations to MAC Sevens Teams

The final MAC seeds for competition in the National Sevens Championship taking place August 9&10 in Tukwilla, WA are:

Men: Schuylkill River and Maryland Exiles
Women: NOVA, DC-Furies, and Philadelphia.

Best of luck to our teams!