Future (2015)

For future planning:

  1. D1 will go back to 8 teams with promotion of the top 2014-2015 D2 team via the promotion-relegation procedure.
  2. D2-North (7 teams) and D2-South (5 teams) will be merged into a consolidated D2 (12 teams). One team will be promoted to D1 (see 1 above), while a D3 team will be promoted to D2.

B-Side Play Requirements for D1

Beginning with the 2015-2016 competitive cycle, second side matches will be required for Division I teams for each A-side league match. The exception to this policy will be for clubs that play a second team in a lower division.

The second side match will have at least 30-minute halves.

It is up to each team to field a side of not less than 13 players at kickoff to be played under 15-a-side laws. Each team shall be required to maintain a fielded team of at least 13 players except for those sin-binned or sent off by the referee. After kickoff, each team can bring on additional players to field a full side of 15 players (less the number of players sin-binned or sent off). If necessary, each team will field players from the A side match to bring the fielded second side team up to the minimum requirements at any time from kickoff through full time.

Second sides may be constituted from other club teams or college sides.
Without exception, all players must be registered (CIPPed) with USA Rugby.
Opposing teams may mutually agree to different terms for the B match.

During the competitive season, any Division I club which forfeits two or more second side matches will warrant demotion to Division II for the following competitive season AND will be barred from the playoffs for the current competitive season.