Gold Cup 2017-2019

Gold Cup Information is available here. Most recent updates were made on 10/27/2018.

The Mid-Atlantic, Atlantic North, Mid-West and Red River Competition Regions are forming the next two years of the Gold Cup. The top two seeds from each CR’s Women’s Division 1 are included for a two years of competition.


2019 Gold Cup:CMS Schedule and Standings

2019 Clubs: AN: Boston and Albany,  MW: Detroit and Minnesota

MAC: Raleigh and Philadelphia, RR: Austin and HARC.


2018 Gold Cup: CMS Schedule and Standings

2018 Clubs: AN: Boston and Monmouth,  MW: Chicago and Detroit,

MAC: Raleigh and NOVA, RR: Austin and HARC.

Final match times will be determined by flight schedules. Host team is responsible for finalizing the KO times amongst all the clubs.

11/10/18 Albany SAT: Albany v HARC, Boston v Austin

SUN: Albany v Austin, Boston v HARC.

3/30/19 Austin SAT: Austin v. Raleigh, Philadelphia v HARC

SUN: HARC v Raleigh, Philadelphia v Austin

3/30/19 Detroit SAT: Detroit v Boston, Albany v Minnesota

SUN: Detroit v Albany, Boston v Minnesota

4/6/19 Minnesota SAT: Detroit v Austin, HARC v Minnesota

SUN: Detroit v HARC, Austin v Minnesota

4/13/19 Raleigh SAT: Raleigh v Detroit,Minnesota v Philadelphia

SUN: Raleigh v Minnesota, Detroit v Philadelphia


Club/ Role

Raleigh MS
Juliet Taylor
 Mary Foley
Shaena Sparrow
Chicago Women
Alex Schoening
Casey O’Connell

Maggie Reiss

Kat Bissett, Kelly Maloney, Megan Reed
Metropolis Valkyries
Cassandra C. Urbano
Austin Valkyries MS
Meredith Frasier

Nick James

Other contacts

NCC Chairperson
Margy Thomas
MAC Chairperson
Kathryn Hemlock
MW Chairperson
Gary Loughbough
MW D1 coord
Amanda Cross
AN Chairperson
Angela Corpus
NERFU Women’s DI Coord.
Marty Checchi
MAC D1 Chairperson
Meredith McAlister
Red River Chairman
David Dodge
RRRC Rep and TRU Admin
Wendy Young


2017-2019 Competition Guidelines – 2018 Gold Cup

Two clubs from each of the Competition Regions noted above will commit to a two year Gold Cup competition. The top two seeds of the CR will be included in the competition.

The hosting club will be responsible for field and referee arrangements. A given weekend format will include the following set of matches.

CR-A #1 v CR-B #2
CR-A #2 v CR-B #1
CR-A #2 v CR-B #2
CR-A #1 v CR-B #1

All matches will be loaded within CMS and require rosters to be uploaded and scores by Monday following the matches. The winner of the Gold Cup will have earned the most points at the conclusion of all the matches.Internal CR matches will also be picked by the CR to be counted towards the Gold Cup standings.

It would be requested that the NCC approve these matches as appropriate D1 level matches to count towards a)player eligibility and b) match minimums for the clubs involved that are otherwise in a league that provides a pathway to Nationals. Gold Cup is not recognized as an Elite level.

It is league standings that determines who is eligible to advance for their respective CR for the CR playoffs and the path to National Championships.

Referee requests are fielded by the host club. Expectations should be set that the referee should be a high level local referee or a territorial level. At least a C1 or B panel grade or higher. USA Rugby isn’t making assignments for us.

Weather considerations will cancel matches, with a 0-0 score and it will not count as a forfeit. There is no opportunity however to reschedule. From a final points view, we will just divide point by the total of matches played to get to final standings if there are any cancelled matches. The 2018/2019 East Coast schedule addressed the matches between MidAtlantic and North Atlantic CRs so the results from those matches will be calculated as part of the standings. The USA Rugby standings page may not be the final standings.

Forfeits will be given on a case by case basis and agreed upon by the involved CR chairs. However, forfeits will prevent a club from being declared the 2018 or 2019 Gold Cup Winner.



2018 Schedule

11/18/17 NOVA
November 18 @ Morven Park (reserved 11-3)
11:30 AM, NOVA A vs. Boston
1:00 PM, Raleigh vs. Monmouth
November 19 @ Evergreen Sportsplex (reserved 12-4)
12:30 PM, Raleigh vs. Boston
2:00 PM, NOVA A vs. Monmouth
3/24/18 RALEIGH SAT HARC v Raleigh, NOVA v Austin

SUN HARC v NOVA, Austin v Raleigh

Location: Poole Road Rugby Complex

3/24/18 MONMOUTH SAT Monmouth v Chicago, Detroit v Boston

SUN Monmouth v Detroit, Boston v Chicago

4/7/18 HARC SAT HARC v Monmouth, Boston v Austin

SUN HARC v Boston , Austin v Monmouth

Houston Sports Park
12131 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77045
(713) 433-3969
4/7/18 Detroit SAT Detroit v Raleigh, NOVA v Chicago

SUN Detroit v NOVA, Raleigh v Chicago

4/21/18 AUSTIN SAT Austin v Chicago, Detroit v HARC

SUN Austin v Detroit, HARC v Chicago


2018 Gold Cup influence upon Eastern Playoffs #4 seed spot:

The top team each from MW, AN, and MAC Championships automatically make Eastern Playoffs. The top two of the three second place teams have a chance to compete for the fourth seed vacated by having no South team, based on Gold Cup Standings that do not include Red River matches in the point calculations.

If all three of these teams have competed in Gold Cup tournament in the current year, then the top two placing teams are contenders for the fourth playoff seed. The higher Gold Cup seed has hosting rights, and the lower Gold Cup seed can chose to waive the repechage, automatically sending the higher Gold Cup seed through to the fourth playoff seed at Regionals.

If any of these three second place teams have not been part of Gold Cup during the current year, the seedings default to the conference standings from the previous year’s Eastern playoffs (so MAC 1, AN 2, MW 3 for 2017). The second place teams from the top two conferences (so MAC and AN) are contenders for the fourth playoff seed. Higher conference seed has hosting rights, and lower conference seed can choose to waive the repechage, automatically sending the higher conference seed through to the fourth playoff seed at regionals.