Match Day Communication

Match Day Communication Policy
Clubs are required to communicate in the following manner regarding match day events and logistics:
– The hosting club will initiate an email to all involved parties on Tuesday or Wednesday preceding the match.  (Timing is based on when Referee Allocations are published.)
– All parties are defined as: all referees appointed and all match secretaries, or at least one other club representative
– The pitch address and timetable will provided regarding the match location and kick off time
– If multiple clubs are hosting at the same pitch as separate events, they are each responsible for their own communications.
– Clubs hosting multiple matches at a single location for multiple sides or both men’s & women’s sides should incorporate all match coordination into a single communication.
– Notification of changes to the match day events can be provided by either club, although the host club holds responsibility for ensuring referees are informed.
– A referee society has the right to fine a hosting or visiting club for failure to communicate in a timely manner.