April Fool’s CIPP deadlines!!!

Today is the deadline for any new CIPP registrations and transfer requests to be approved.

If you are on the CIPP list, but not showing up on a CMS roster, don’t forget to resync the players to pull in any new players.
There are a number of transfer requests where i have been sent the USARugby letters showing that a transfer has been approved but the player has not yet appeared on the CIPP roster. I’ve asked USA Rugby for information about the delay and to know when these will electronically process. Consider it an April Fools joke on behalf of USA Rugby.
In the meantime, for those of you preparing your rosters, keep the spaceholder open, and we’ll have it updated by week’s end. Do go ahead and provide as of much a roster as you can for your Saturday matches.
For those of you asking about overall eligibility:
1 – Players must be CIPP’d to play any rugby.
2 – Players must be CIPP’d by April 1 to be eligible for competitive matches including upcoming MAC championship matches.
3 – Minimum matches for eligibility is not something we look at for the MAC championships. The MAC championships will count towards a player’s number of matches, when we determine the rosters for the National Playoffs on May 21.
If you are having issues with players not showing up in the CiPP system (NOT CMS, you must check your CIPP public roster first), please send me the players name, number and any transfer request documentation not later than 1pm today.

2016 MAC Championship Information

MAC 2016 Playoffs and Championship Events    (THIS IS OUTDATED INFO)

Men’s D1 and D2: – Semifinals – At the higher seed – Top Four teams from final league standings
Men’s D3: Quarterfinals – At the higher seed
  1. D3-North #1   v  8. D3-South #3    (Game A)
  2. D3-Central #1 v  7. D3-North #3   (Game C)
  3. D3-South #1   v 6. D3-Central #2  (Game D)
  4. D3-North #2   v  5. D3-South #2   (Game B)
Men’s Championship May 14-15
Wilmington DE – Alpacas State Park  (Hosted by Wilmington RFC)
Field 1
Field 2
11:00 am
Men D3  A v B
Men’s D3   C v D
1:00 pm
Men’s D2 Championship
Men’s D4 Championship
(D4-Central v D4-North)
3:00 pm
Men’s D1 Championship
Men’s D3 Championship
Women’s Championship May 7-8 
Wilmington DE – Alpacas State Park (Hosted by Philadelphia WRFC)
Field 1
Field 2
11:00 am
Women’s D3
1 v 4
Women’s D3
2 v 3
1:00 pm
Women’s D2
1 v 4
Women’s D2
2 v 3
Women’s D1
N1 v S2
Women’s D1
S1 v N2
11:00 am
Women’s D3
Women’s D2
Women’s D1


Spring 2016

Reminder: Everyone should confirm that their CMS match schedules and the schedules within their local referee society match.

Event News: MAC Championship locations announced!

On May 7-8, Philadelphia will be hosting the Women’s event.

On May 14-15, Wilmington will once again host the Men’s event.

BOTH of these will take place at Alapocas Run State Park.

CIPP Deadline – April 1st. All players must be CIPP’d.

Any roster submitted for matches played after April 1st must include players that were CIPPd before the deadline.

While you can CIPP someone after April 1st, they are not allowed to play in a competitive match, as that will create a roster violation. Non-league matches are okay.

New Facebook Group – Invite your admin folks to join:


Closing out the Fall Season

All matches that need to be rescheduled from the Fall, must have updates in CMS reflecting the newly agreed upon date by November 21st.

EPRU clubs are encouraged to submit bids for one or both championship dates by November 30th. Bid information is available here. The dates have been published.

There are two event weekends:

May 7-8 will be the Women’s MAC Championship weekend.

May 14-15 will be the Men’s MAC Championship weekend.

2016 Championship Information:

Men’s D3 seeding for 2016 is:

  1. D3-North #1
  2. D3-Central #1
  3. D3-South #1
  4. D3-North #2
  5. D3-South #2
  6. D3-Central #2
  7. D3-North #3
  8. D3-South #3

Seeding will be rotating from year to year.


2015-2016 CMS Schedules

Everyone should be hearing from their coordinators regarding CMS login information for their club and should be able to soon see their 2015-2016 schedules loaded within CMS.

If you need assistance with using CMS, USA Rugby has provided a user guide. Please reference this as necessary. Clubs with mulitple sides will receive a single login and will be able to access the matches for each side.

If you have not received your login information by September 3rd, please contact Margy Thomas.

Congratulations MAC 7s Champions

Congratulations to the Mid-Atlantic Conference Clubs who competed in the 2015 Sevens Season.

Men’s Premier:
1. U.S. Army Selects
2. Schuylkill River
4. Baltimore-Chesapeake
Men’s Open
1. NOVA 2
2.Tidewater Titans
3. Schuylkill River 2
4. Baltimore-Chesapeake 2
Women’s Open
1. Scions
3. Philadelphia
4. DC Furies

Congratulations to U.S. Army Selects, Schuykill River, Scions, NOVA, and Philadelphia as they continue on to the National Sevens Championships in Des Moines, Iowa on August 8.

Annual Meeting Announcement

On July 26 at 11:00, the Mid Atlantic Conference Competitions Committee will be meeting in person at Hamilton’s in the Washington DC area.

233 2nd St NW
Washington, DC 20001

The agenda for the meeting includes reviewing and updating several different policies and electing the chairperson for the 2015-2016 term.

The chairperson was originally an appointment made by USA Rugby for a two year term. We are now required to have the current MAC committee members elect the individual to fill this seat on an annual basis.

If you are interested in running for this position, please notify Margaret Dessypris Thomas <greekdaisy@gmail.com> of your intent to run, and be prepared to show up in person at this meeting. The incumbent is seeking reelection as well.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the MAC Competitions Committee, those positions are elected/appointed at the CGU and EPRU AGMs that are organized by your respective union’s administration. Please consult with your local rugby union presidents if you have an interest in seeking a position.

While the meeting is open, MAC Club representatives’ attendance is not required.

Congratulations 2015 MAC Champions

Congratulations to the following clubs who will represent the Mid-Atlantic Conference in Charlotte NC for National playoffs:

Men’s D1 – Potomac Exiles

Men’s D2 – Rocky Gorge

Men’s D3 – Old Gaelic

Women’s D1 – Pittsburgh Angels

Women’s D2 – Severn River

Congratulations also goes to the MAC Champions for our M-D4 and W-D3 divisions:

Men’s D4 – Whitehorse Rugby

Women’s D3 – Phoenixville Whitehorse

2015-2016 XVs Planning Underway

The MAC Competitions Committee is beginning to plan the schedules for the 2015-2016 season.

The men’s clubs are listed here. This reflects the promotion/relegation for 2015 results, announcement of new clubs or teams, and restructuring for D2 and D3 divisions. Please review this list. If you have questions, direct them to your league coordinator.

The women’s clubs are listed here. Coordinators will be reaching out based on the new structure. The committee met and agreed that this is the strongest competition we can put forward. Questions can be directed to your league coordinator.

Our MAC schedule of dates has us planned to release 2015-2016 schedules by the end of June. We are currently waiting for USA Rugby to finalize National Championship dates for 2016 and that may hold us up in the planning process. We would like to avoid the large gap between MAC Championship and the National playoffs that we experienced in 2015.