Women’s XVs Promotion Relegation Policy

In the Women’s Division, there will be the following promotion/relegation policy, once there are at least 6 active teams within the D1 division:

A. The last place D1 team, as determined by MAC league standings will automatically drop out if:

i. The first place D2 team, as determined by the MAC playoffs, asks to move up to D1 within 7 calendar days after MAC Rugby championship event


ii. If the first place D2 opts not to move up to D1, the second place D2 team, as determined by the MAC playoffs, will have the option to move up to D1 within 7 calendar days after their notification of their option to be promoted.

iii. The first place D2 team has priority. If they choose to move up, the second place D2 team stays in D2.

B. There is no promotion/relegation match.

C. If neither the first or second place D2 team wants to move up, then the last place D1 team will remain in the D1.

D. In  Women’s D2 and D3, teams move up and down optionally between their divisions and must declare their division not later than 2 weeks after the MAC Championship matches.

E. Women’s D1 will not have more than 6 teams, and the promotion/relegation process will only be in effect when there are 6 teams within D1.

F. The promotion/relegation will take place automatically unless the D2 team declines within 7 days. The 2nd place D2 team is then invited via email, and has 7 days to accept or decline the invitation.

G. The policy is subject to case-by-case consideration, should an issue be raised by a club with reason to request a waiver from the policy, and competitive balance will be a factor in movement.

H. This policy is effective for teams within the 2013-2014 season to determine the teams for the following 2014-2015 season and going forward.