CMS Compliance Policy

Clubs are required to use the CMS system to provide a roster for all league matches and provide a complete and accurate match report that includes player substitutions, red and yellow cards, and all points scored.

Rosters should be provided a day in advance of the match but can be modified after the match. All match data is required by Monday night at 11:59 PM. Both teams need to “sign” the match. Division coordinators or the Committee Chair will lock the match after the deadline. No edits will be allowed to a locked match unless the coordinator and/or chair approve it. This is important to consider for the teams that are seeds advancing beyond the MAC Championship, as the CMS system is used to confirm player eligibility.

All clubs have the right to confirm player identification with an ID check before the match or can request that paper copies of rosters and match reports be exchanged at the conclusion of the match.

Clubs that are found to be out of compliance with the CMS roster or match reporting requirements, the timelines, and/or by a complaint filed by another club may have an administrative forfeit applied to the match.

Please reference the CMS Guidelines for suggested practices when using the CMS system for Roster and Match Reporting.