Rescheduling Policy

MAC provides a schedule to all clubs. By agreeing to be a part of a specific division, it is understood that a club will fulfill the obligation of playing the entire league schedule. In the event that a match cannot be played within a season due to weather cancellations and an inability to reschedule the match within the league season, both clubs have the option of mutually agreeing to a 0-0 TIE score. This is not considered a forfeit.

A club can request that a match be rescheduled and the other club can agree to do so, and the match may be rescheduled. The updated information must be captured in CMS and reported to the appropriate MAC coordinator and referee society immediately.
If a club requests a match to be rescheduled and the opponent does not agree then a MAC coordinator will be called upon to mediate the rescheduling attempt. In this mediation only valid reasons will be supported for rescheduling requests. Valid reasons are considered to be “Weather” and “Field Cancellations.” Non valid reasons are considered to be “Too many injuries,” or “not enough to field a full side.” Validity of reasons will be assessed on a case by case basis.
Once a match is rescheduled, weather may require that the match not be played, but due to the lack of available weekends within the season schedule, it may not be possible for a third attempt to schedule the match. Therefore, a rescheduled match (with a valid reason) that is cancelled may be converted to a 0-0 TIE score. A rescheduled match (with no valid reason) will be forfeited by the team that initiated the request to reschedule the match.

Updated as of  10/3/16.